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Pricing policy of our agency is based on the following principle: high quality for reasonable price. Professionalism and many years of expirience of our translators allow us to cope with the translation of big text volumes and nevertheless stay competitive and available due to our low rates for translation.

Our team will do its best, so as you could feel MAXIMUM comfort and minimum discomfort when entrusting us with your document for translation. We tried to create for YOU optimal conditions at every stage of work with us: starting with ordering up to returning of performed translation — our customers have such an opportunity to make an order without leaving their office or house.

Interpreting rates vary from $50 to $100 per hour depending on subject matter, emergency and duration of work. If you need the services of interpreter for 6-8 hours within business hours — you will be offered 10-20% discounts.

Rates for translations between English, German, French (and other European languages) and Russian (and Ukrainian) are presented in the table below.

European language - Russian less than
50000 words
more than
50000 words
more than
100000 words
 per word 0.06 $ 0.05 $ 0.04 $
 for regular customers 0.055 $ 0.045 $ 0.035 $

Rates for translations from Eastern languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) to Russian and Ukrainian are presented in the table below.
Eastern language - Russian less than
50000 words
more than
50000 words
more than
100000 words
 per word 0.09 $ 0.08 $ 0.07 $
 for regular customers 0.085 $ 0.075 $ 0.065 $

— contact our consultant to get information about the quotation for texts translation in other language pairs (between Eastern and European languages, e.g. English-Thai translation);
—  in cases of emergency the cost for translation will grow 50%-100% more, depending on the terms.

Entrust your translation to real professionals and we'll care of details. We tried to extend our payment data base to save your time.

Bank transfer: traditional method of payment using IBAN and SWIFT number. It allows you to pay money for our services directly into our bank account either online or at most banks.

  PayPal: method of online payment rather popular in Europe and the USA. It supports payments via credit card (Master, Visa). Accepting PayPal requires no downtime and minimal resources. It is simple, affordable, secure.
E-Gold: this is an American system of payment working online. E-Gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money.

  Visa card: globally accepted, convenient and reliable. It's as trustworthy, safe, quick, easy and reliable as shopping down the road. Often, it's easier - and sometimes it's the only way of services payment.
MasterCard: accepting MasterCard means worldwide access, convenience and security. In fact, with more than 24.6 million acceptance locations worldwide, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants.

  Maestro: Maestro is the debit card from MasterCard. It provides PIN-based, direct cash access from your bank account at home as well as abroad. It allows you to pay with the highest level of convenience and security, and is backed by MasterCard Worldwide.

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Our consultant will be pleased to help you to choose the most convenient method of payment starting with traditional wire transfer up to all kinds of electronic means of payment.

Working with us you can be always sure that you work with experts who are always ready to offer you the professional translation solutions in your business.