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Professional Russian translation services for mechanical engineering

Professional Russian translation services
for mechanical engineering

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Mechanical engineering is rightly considered to be the backbone of the world industry. The most important factors that define the development of mechanical engineering on a global basis are considerable labor and scientific intensity. These are the factors that define the allocation of industrial powers in the world: at least three quarters of the worlds gross machine engineering turnover is concentrated in developed countries.

The technological complication of industrial processes, increase of the level of automatization at all stages of production, and permanent increase of the requirements on the quality of products stipulate the demand for highly skilled personnel and a decrease of the role of raw material resources in the strategic development of the industry.

The industry group of mechanical engineering is quite complex: to date, approximately one hundred production branches can be enumerated. The structure of the interrelation between these branches is correspondingly complex; thus defining the complexity of the network. Still, the network is not restricted by the local region in the process of the intensification of the world economys globalization processes, more and more enterprises are entering the world market in trade.

Intensive work on the world market in the process of marketing and production activities is associated with the necessity of quite frequent translations of the accompanying documents into the corresponding languages (Russian, English, German, Japanese...). Having worked on the market of professional Russian translation services for a long time, we have gained considerable experience in the sphere of translation of engineering documentation, industrial standards, patents, and operating instructions.

We have built the process of the translation of technical documentation in such a way that, in the end product, the impeccability of the language is combined with engineering correctness. This is achieved by attracting the corresponding industry experts to the translation process. It is the latter factor that allows us to rise to a completely new level of quality of Russian translation service.

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