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Professional Russian translation services
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IT has steadily come into our lives and is here to stay for a long period of time. IT occupies all spheres of our life, ranging from medicine to art. We can hardly imagine our life now without computers and the Internet. Even human communication is based on IT technologies. Many web applications have been created for communication. A great number of software products have appeared in order to make our life easier. Nowadays, almost every company present itself with a website.

If you have a website and you want your service to be known worldwide, you need to have your website translated into different languages (Russian, English, German, Japanese...). If your company produces software solutions and you want to offer them in other countries, you must localize your products. Our company is ready to assist you. Our professionals will flawlessly translate your IT text into Russian.

The localization of software, computer games and web applications proceeds in two stages. The first stage provides the translation of the user interface, website texts, accompanied documentation and manuals. The translators engaged in this process must be aware of the principles of the software, be familiar with all the terminology and be able to work with the required programming language.

The second stage of localisation includes the translation of the context menu, navigation, buttons, diagrams, etc. Special attention should be paid to these elements. It is not a secret that the words in the Russian language are longer than in English. That is why this factor should be taken into account regarding translation into Russian. Not least important is the adaptation of number, date, time, and currency formats which differ in different languages. Ignoring these peculiarities can bring forth a misunderstanding or wrong interpretation of context, or even to serious errors in the functionality of the program.

Thus, not only translators, but also technical designers, programmers and testing specialists are involved in the process of localisation in order to provide you with the best quality Russian IT translation.

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