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russian translation agency

Translation agency «TRANSNEED» has been in the translating and interpreting services market since 1997. During this time we have built a professional team, able to work to a tight schedule, finding right translation solutions and meeting deadlines. The staff of «TRANSNEED» includes only professional certified translators. Our translators meet all the requirements of professional translators.

The correct translation often needs specialist technical knowledge and so our team includes consultants with a high level of English such as: engineers, lawyers and health professionals, etc. Our motto is: «A combination of top professionals and native speakers always leads to perfect results».

Our website was created in 2004. By using the Internet we have made our services very user friendly. You do not need to leave your seat to make an order or to pay for our services. We offer you so many opportunities that you will be able to work with us wherever you are.

Below you can see the statistical work data of our agency. This bar graph shows the quantity of pages translated by the agency within the last 14 days (this information is updated automatically).

The circular graph depicts the relative percentage of our clients geographical location within the above stated period.
The General Manager of the agency: Anna Demydova

«TRANSNEED» - is an associated member of Internation Association of Translators INA

Currently we have corporate contracts with 7 global companies. Using modern software technologies we can cope with big volumes of translation and always meet the deadline.

«TRANSNEED» is a certified member of PayPal system. We have received considerable positive feedback from our clients.