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Professional translation services: «TRANSNEED» renders English to Russian translation services, website localization, etc. We offer legal, financial, scientific, medical, literature, computer games and technical translations. When translating from Russian language to English we take into account all the differences between British and American English. Among our clients are individuals, business corporations, international companies and government agencies.

Translation of documents: Special translation.: Interpreting:
  Russian technical translation   Translation of letters   Telephone interpreting
  Legal translation   Website translation   Consecutive interpreting
  Literal translation   Localization of software   Simultaneous interpreting

Our translators work with the following languages from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS):
Armenian Balkar Bashkir Byelorussian Georgian Kazakh Kirghiz
Moldavian Russian Tajik Tatar Turkmen Uzbek Ukrainian

The European language group of «TRANSNEED» is shown below:
English Bulgarian Hungarian Dutch Greek Danish Italian
Spanish Lettish Lithuanian Macedonian German Norwegian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Finnish French
Croatian Czech Swedish Estonian

The Eastern languages we work with are shown below:
Amharic Arabic Bengali Vietnamese Dari Hebrew Yiddish
Chinese Korean Mongolian Swahili Thai Turkish Japanese


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