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Who are we? Translation agency "TRANSNEED" - is a solid team of professional translators providing with the services of written and oral translations.

This page contains links of all our web partners and clients who are anyhow connected with us. It is impossible for accidental links to get into this list. Only partners and clients of "TRANSNEED" have the right to be included.

Translation Guide
This site is a step-by-step guide to satisfying every translation need. The various options for each situation are carefully compared to help you make the most appropriate choice. Each resource is described in detail, with useful hints and tips that will help you get the best results.

Translation services - BeTranslated
BeTranslated is not a typical translation agency or translation company but a network of freelance translators distributed around the world, who are accustomed to working both individually and in teams.

Translation Online Directory - Language Translation Software saves time and money in translating documents, web pages, chat, email, spread sheets and more. You can even surf the web and translate web pages on the fly, excellent for research!

- find us (you've done it);
- make an order in an orders form or simply write to us;
- the representative of our agency will get into touch with you;
- choose the suitable way of payment and pay 50% of the total price of the translation (unnecessary for regular customers);
- you'll get the results of translation per e-mail or messenger service (concerning written translations) in a definite period of time agreed beforehand;
- pay the rest of the sum.