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English to Russian phonetic translation for audio and video

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The modern information space is developing rapidly, providing the basis for scientific and technical progress. Today, the most effective way to present information is in the form of media content. In the environment of constantly developing information technology and the increasing availability of large-scale fast data transfer the qualitative composition of media content is changing. The graphical and textual form of information presentation is mostly giving way to audio and video.

Combining audio and video helps present information in a succinct and understandable form compared to the typical textual materials. Media content presented in the form of videos is more entertaining and memorable for the user. However, video processing remains quite a complicated process, requiring relevant practical knowledge.

We are professionally engaged in the English to Russian phonetic translation of audio and video materials at all phases of their creation: capturing, editing, and compression, providing dubbing and voice-overs by native speakers recorded using professional equipment. Subject to the particular format of the source video, translations of superimposed text effects are also available.

Absolutely all the professional translations (Russian, English, German...) performed by our agency are proofread and edited by specialists in the subject area and a native speaker. If the dubbing or voice-over of the soundtrack is required (directly translated audio or video), our voice actor will always be a native speaker of the target language (Russian, English, German...).

We pride ourselves at being able to accept quite an extensive range of formats of original video and audio materials (for English to Russian phonetic translation) and, therefore, most likely your materials won't require any additional conversion or formatting before submitting them to us.

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