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Professional Russian localization services

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The field of IT is rightfully considered to be the most rapidly developing sphere of the national economy. Both components of information technologies the software and the hardware are largely responsible for shaping the current scientific and technological progress.

A fundamentally essential part of a system, application, and instrumental software interface is an intuitively perceivable and user-cognizable human-machine interface localized for the particular country of use.

Russian software localization (I18N or L10N) comprises a range of tasks that are aimed at adapting an interface of a certain software program to the linguistic, cultural, and regional particularities of a certain country or area.

The professional translation of text as part of Russian localization is not limited to selecting the correct terminology base: the length of certain lines or phrases, as a rule, also need to be adjusted to fit in certain interface elements. There is an entire class of elements represented graphically that, as a consequence, have to be localized using graphic editors. And if certain files are given in audio-format, they need to be translated and dubbed by professional voice actors.

An integral and essential part of localization is also fine-tuning, such as work with word forms, localized data representation formats, special adjustments made with regards to the national mentality, and correction of graphic elements.

We are professionals in Russian software localization with over ten years of experience in the market and positive references from several large projects.

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